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Terms & Conditions

Boat rental hours are from 09:30′ to 18:30′ on the same day.

The limit of passengers is depending on the type of boat you choose. It is prohibited by law to exceed the passenger limit. The fine imposed by the Coast Guard is high and is the sole responsibility of the operator of the vessel.

The boats and engines are thoroughly checked before each delivery.
The vessel is delivered to the lessee full of fuel, the cost of fuel (unleaded petrol) is borne solely by the lessee.

The company will not be liable for any mechanical or other damage caused by your fault during the charter as well as for the loss of some or all of your equipment or personal belongings on board the boat at the time of delivery. There is a corresponding price list of equipment and possible damages for which you will be informed upon receipt of the vessel.

Boats requiring a speedboat license are not hired out without showing the license.

Weather conditions. Hiring and sailing of the vessel shall be carried out normally when the wind intensity at the pick-up point does not exceed the permissible limits and when the port authorities so permit.
In case of adverse weather conditions, which prohibit sailing on the day of the start of the rental, the deposit will be refunded and the rental will be postponed to another day if you wish.
Returning the boat earlier than the scheduled time, regardless of the reason, does not imply a refund of the amount or part of the rental fee.

Departure. On the day of rental at the boat pick-up point you will be asked to sign all the necessary documents required for the rental and payment (contract).
The documents that will be given to you to have with you in the boat are: the rental contract, the license to sail a commercial boat, insurance policy. You must also have your speedboat driving licence with you (where necessary). You are obliged to show these documents to the port authorities whenever requested.

Insurance. All our boats are covered by third party liability insurance with the following coverages (per accident):

Bodily Injury – Death of occupants and third parties from an accident per person – Bodily Injury – Death of occupants and third parties from an accident per incident – Material damage to third parties per incident – Causation of marine pollution per incident.

Before you pick up your boat, a map of the area in which you can navigate and what to avoid is presented to you. You are briefed on safety issues. You are then given a presentation of the boat and instructions on how to use and navigate it. (operation – anchoring – mooring – flanking).

Return. The return to the point of delivery of the boat is at the predetermined time (by 18:00′). On delivery, the condition of the vessel and its equipment is checked. The refueling of the boat is carried out by us. The cost of fuel is borne solely by the charterer.

Safety Instructions

Please follow these safety instructions

  1. Ensure that the rope is still tied onto the jetty and start the engine with the gear in neutral.
  2. Release the rope and put it into the boat and make sure there is no rope hanging into the sea.
  3. Pull anchor out of the sea and place it on the boat.
  4. Reverse the boat for about 20-30 metres and then put it into forward gear to head for your destination.
  5. You must keep a distance of 200 meters from all bays. This is by Law.
  6. Please take special notice. Under no circumstances should you attempt to visit Albania!
  7. Approach to your destination slowly from about 100 metres distance.
  8. Drop anchor in the sea about 12 meters from shore.
  9. Change gear into neutral about 5 meters from shore.
  10. When you are there tie the rope to the jetty.
  11. Turn off the engine.