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Poseidon 5.50 – 30/60hp

Up to 8 guests


Explore the beauty of Corfu's coastline aboard the Poseidon 5.50 from Giannis Boats in San Stefanos. With options of 30/60 Hp engines, this versatile vessel ensures a smooth and powerful ride. Accommodating up to 8 passengers, it offers ample space for family and friends to enjoy the sea together. With its spacious layout and comfortable design, the Poseidon 5.50 is perfect for creating unforgettable memories on the water. Rent yours today for an unforgettable experience in San Stefanos, Corfu. Two types of outboard engines to choose from.No speedboat licence is required.

Boat details

Cat. Design: C
Deadrise Angle: 20°
Draught: 0.25m
Horsepower: 30/60 Hp
No. Passengers: 8
Overall Length: 5.50m
Weight: 450 Kgr

Extra information

Free Equipment – Amenities

All our boats are equipped with:

  1. Stainless steel ladder
  2. Sun protection awning
  3. Anchor Compass
  4. Portable cooler with fresh ice
  5. Life jackets
  6. Fire extinguisher
  7. Pharmacy
  8. Smoke and flares
Extra Equipment - Amenities

It is possible for our customers (after consultation and availability) to be granted the following:

  1. Mask and respirator
  2. Bath towels
  3. Fishing rod or rod
  4. Fishing bait

*Note: extra equipment is available at an additional cost.

Safety Instructions

Please follow these safety instructions

  1. Ensure that the rope is still tied onto the jetty and start the engine with the gear in neutral.
  2. Release the rope and put it into the boat and make sure there is no rope hanging into the sea.
  3. Pull anchor out of the sea and place it on the boat.
  4. Reverse the boat for about 20-30 metres and then put it into forward gear to head for your destination.
  5. You must keep a distance of 200 meters from all bays. This is by Law.
  6. Please take special notice. Under no circumstances should you attempt to visit Albania!
  7. Approach to your destination slowly from about 100 metres distance.
  8. Drop anchor in the sea about 12 meters from shore.
  9. Change gear into neutral about 5 meters from shore.
  10. When you are there tie the rope to the jetty.
  11. Turn off the engine.
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